The company is the manufacturer of high quality metal tin cans, together with printing and tin forming. There are varieties of tin can molds in various shapes. Also, there are total tin can production lines and providing from 1st stage; packaging design creation, mold making, printing, metal sheet coating, sheetfed slitting and tin forming. The company’s products consist of ..

1. regularly metal packaging is the continuous products through all year round; i.e.

  • ● candy cases, candy cans
  • ● Supplement tin can
  • ● Watch tin can
  • ● Cigarette cases
  • ● tea tin cans
  • ● Snack tin can
  • ● Cookies/chocolate tin can
  • ● Liquor tin can
  • ● Coffee / chocolate drink tin can
  • ● Soap tin can / cases
  • ● Ink cases
  • ● Tennis tin can

2. Packaging in special occasions; i.e. New Year Festival, Mooncake Festival, Product Grand Opening Event, Promotion event in collaboration with Cinema or famous actors/actresses. For these purposes, the company will use the premium metal packaging and fancy tin cans; such as, chocolate boxes, snack boxes, liquor, and coffee tin cans.

3. Color printed metal sheets are another jobs that company providing service to clients and have slitting is cut shape as buyer’s need.